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About Baksa District in Assam

About Baksa District in Assam

বাক্সা জিলা Baksa District

বাক্সা জিলা অসমৰ ৩৩ খন প্ৰশাসনিক জিলাৰ ভিতৰত এখন। ইয়াৰ সদৰ স্থান হৈছে মুছলপুৰ। বাক্সা জিলা বড়োলেণ্ড স্বায়ত্বশাসিত পৰিষদৰ অন্তৰ্ভুক্ত। ২০০৩ চনত ইয়াক নতুন জিলা ৰূপে ঘোষণা কৰা হয়। বাক্সা জিলাৰ মাটিকালি প্ৰায় ২৪০০ বৰ্গকিলোমিটাৰ।


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District Profile at a glance

1. Geographical area

2400 Sq. Km (Approx)

2. Sub-Divisions

Mushalpur (Sadar), Tamulpur(Civil), Salbari(Civil)

3. Population

2001 population census
 Total population = 8.6 Lakhs (Approx)
2011 population census data for Baksa district
 Total population = 9.50075 Lakhs
 Rural = 9.37833 Lakhs
 Urban(Census Town area) = 0.12242 Lakhs
 Total Male = 4.81330 Lakhs
 Total Female = 4.68745 Lakhs
 Total SC population = 0.73083 Lakhs
 Total male SC population = 0.37534 Lakhs
 Total female SC population = 0.35549 Lakhs
 Total ST population = 3.31007 Lakhs
 Total male ST population = 1.65634 Lakhs
 Total female ST population = 1.65373 Lakhs
 Sex Ratio = 974 female against 1000 male
Circle/charge wise population breakup
 Under Barnagar(pt) circle : 139149
 Under Bajali(pt) circle : 2994
 Under Sarupeta(pt) circle : 55011
 Under Jalah(pt) circle : 81979
 Under Goreswar(pt) circle : 153747
 Under Rangia(pt) circle : 14357
 Under Barama(pt) circle : 49715
 Under Tihu(pt) circle : 17508
 Under Ghagrapar(pt) circle : 3652
 Under Baska circle : 124585
 Under Baganpara(pt) circle : 69741
 Under Tamulpur circle : 235403
 Under Patharighat(pt) circle : 2234

4. Nos. of household

Total : 191701 (as per 2011 population census)
Circle/charge wise household breakup
 Under Barnagar(pt) circle : 28275
 Under Bajali(pt) circle : 648
 Under Sarupeta(pt) circle : 11332
 Under Jalah(pt) circle : 17125
 Under Goreswar(pt) circle : 30439
 Under Rangia(pt) circle : 2704
 Under Barama(pt) circle : 10238
 Under Tihu(pt) circle : 3690
 Under Ghagrapar(pt) circle : 738
 Under Baska circle : 25444
 Under Baganpara(pt) circle : 13782
 Under Tamulpur circle : 46802
 Under Patharighat(pt) circle : 484

5. Literates and Literacy rate

Total literate persons : 572837  (overall district iteracy rate : 60.3 pc)
 Male literates : 322614  (Male iteracy rate : 67 pc)
 Female literates : 250223  (Female literacy rate : 53.4 pc)

6. Birth and Death rate

Year 2011-12 :Birth rate: 19.0, Death rate: 6.6
 Year 2012-13 :Birth rate: 18.9, Death rate: 6.5

7. No. of Revenue Circles

     i) Baska Rev. Circle, Add: Mushalpur
     ii) Baganpara Rev. Circle, Add: Baganpara
     iii) Barama Rev. Circle, Add: Barama
     iv) Jalah Rev. Circle, Add: Jalahghat
     v) Tamulpur Rev. Circle, Add: Tamulpur
     vi) Goreswar Rev. Circle, Add: Goreswar

8. No. of Dev. Blocks

     i) Baska Dev. Block, Add: Mushalpur
     ii) Tihu-Barama Dev. Block, Add: Barama
     iii) Dhamdhama Dev. Block, Add: Baganpara
     iv) Jalah Dev. Block, Add: Jalahghat
     v) Tamulpur Dev. Block, Add: Tamulpur
     vi) Goreswar Dev. Block, Add: Goreswar
     vii) Nagrijuli Dev. Block, Add: Nagrijuli
     viii) Gobardhana Dev. Block, Add: Barpeta Rd.

9. Total Police Stations

     i) Mushalpur PS, Add: Mushalpur (under Mushalpur Subdivision)
     ii) Barbari PS, Add: Barbari (under Mushalpur Subdivision)
     iii) Barama PS, Add: Barama, NH 31 (under Mushalpur Subdivision)
     iv) Tamulpur PS, Add: Tamulpur (under Tamulpur Subdivision)
     v) Goreswar PS, Add: Goreswar (under Tamulpur Subdivision)
     vi) Salbari PS, Add: Salbari (under Salbari Subdivision)
     vii) Simla PS, Add: Simla (under Salbari Subdivision)
     viii) Gobardhana PS, Add: Gobardhana (under Salbari Subdivision)

10. Total Out Posts

     i) Doomni OP, (under Mushalpur PS)
     ii) Nikashi OP (under Mushalpur PS)
     iii) Athiabari OP (under Mushalpur PS)
     iv) Baganpara OP (under Barbari PS)
     v) Dolbari OP (under Barama PS)
     vi) Darrangamela OP(under Tamulpur PS)
     vii) Nagrijuli OP (under Tamulpur PS)
     viii) Kumarikata OP (under Tamulpur PS)
     ix) Gandhibari OP (under Tamulpur PS)
     x) Suagpur OP (under Goreswar PS)
     xi) Anandabazar OP (under Salbari PS)

11. Total Patrol Posts

     i) Kaurbaha PP, (under Tamulpur PS)
     ii) Labdangguri PP (under Gobardhana PS)
     iii) Bansbari PP (under Gobardhana PS)
     iv) Simlaguri PP (under Gobardhana PS)
     v) Jalah PP (under Simla PS)

12. Fire Service

One Fire station at Mushalpur with 2(two) fire tenders
(Dial:108 or 03624-234686)

13. No. of Villages

687 (Revenue circle wise village list as per new gazette notification)

Name of Revenue CircleNo. of village
 1. Goreswar Rev. Circle96
 2. Tamulpur Rev. Circle188
 3. Baganpara Rev. Circle46
 4. Baska Rev. Circle85
 5. Barama Rev. Circle47
 6. Jalah Rev. Circle225

14. No. of Tea Gardens

     i) Doomni TE, Under Baska Rev. Circle.
     ii) Nagrijuli TE, Under Tamulpur Rev. Circle.
     iii) Menaka TE, Under Tamulpur Rev. Circle.
     iv) Fatemabad TE, Under Barnagar Rev. Circle.

15. No. of BTC Constituencies

     i) 20- Mathanguri (open)
     ii) 21- Salbari (ST)
     iii) 22- Koklabari (ST)
     iv) 23- Dihira (open)
     v) 24- Musalpur (ST)
     vi) 25- Baganpara (ST)
     vii) 26- Darrangajuli (ST)
     viii) 27- Nagrijuli (non ST)
     ix) 28- Goibari (ST)
     x) 29- Suklai Serfang (ST)
     xi) 30- Goreswar (ST)

16. No. of LAC
(under Baksa Election District)

     i) 58-Tamulpur
     ii) 62-Barama (ST)
     iii) 63-Chapaguri(ST)

17. No. of part LAC
(under different Election District)

     i) 40-Sorbhog (under Barpeta Election District)
     ii) 41-Bhawanipur (under Bajali Election District)
     iii) 42-Patacharkuchi (under Bajali Election District)
     iii) 57-Rangia (under Rangia Election District)

18. Major Rivers

 i) Beki
     ii) Manas
     iii) Pagladia
     iv) Puthimari
     v) Pahumara
     vi) Kaldia
     vii) Barnadi

19. No. of Railway Station

 Goreswar (Root: Rangia-Goreswar-Udalguri)
 N.B. It is the only railway station touching Baksa district at Goreswar.

20. Firing Range

1 No.
 Darrangamela Firing Range at Sukanjuli

21. Co-ordinates of imp. place

Name of place/buildingsLatitudeLongitude
DC office, Mushalpur91° 21.57′ E26° 39.39′ N
SP office, Mushalpur91° 20.53′ E26° 39.39′ N
Baska rev. circle, Mushalpur91° 20.47′ E26° 39.49′ N
District Centre, Mushalpur91° 20.48′ E26° 39.47′ N
Fire station, Mushalpur91° 20.35′ E26° 39.39′ N
Civil hospital, Mushalpur91° 20.37′ E26° 39.49′ N


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